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Artist Registry Help

What am I searching?
A collection of original artworks created by artists from Ohio and throughout the United States. It is a collaborative project with the Ohio Arts Council's Percent for Art Program and Columbus Metropolitan Library. All images are protected. Reproduction of images is permitted for non-commercial, personal or research use ONLY. Any other use, redistribution, publication or transmission, whether by electronic means or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.

Refining Your Search
The Artist Registry search option allows for Boolean and wildcard searching. You may search by artist name, medium, locale or all three combined. Entering more than one word without a Boolean operator will result in an 'AND' search.

Boolean Searches
Using AND, OR, and NOT will allow you to find more specific information.
AND searches for artists that reference both words. For example: Mary and Weber.
OR searches for mediums that reference either word. For example: oil or watercolor.
NOT searches for locale that do not reference the second word. For example: Ohio not Franklin.

Please note: This registry does not allow for phrase searching. The search term 'mixed media abstract' will be searched as 'mixed' AND 'media' AND 'abstract'. The Boolean operators are added automatically.

Using Wildcards
If you are not sure of the exact spelling of a word, or you are looking for root words, wildcard operators are useful.
* The asterisk is a substitute for any number of characters. For example, a medium search for 'paint*' will find paint, painting, etc.

If you are not sure what to search, use the browse options. You can find artists by clicking on the letter that matches the first letter of their last name. You can also find artists by choosing a medium from the 'browse by available mediums' list.

What if I get too many results?

  1. Try combining search terms with 'and.' Using 'and' will result only in results where both search terms are found.
  2. Try using 'not'. This will help eliminate certain keywords from your search results.

What if I get too few results?

  1. Check your spelling.
  2. Did you use 'and' to combine search terms? Try using 'or' instead.
  3. Did you use a plural search term? Try using the singular term instead.
  4. Try browsing, instead of searching.

Do you still have questions?
Ask a librarian! Call the Humanities, Fine Arts and Recreation Division at 614-645-2ASK(2275), or stop by an information desk today and a librarian will be happy to assist!